Its when Casey who was Birdy's husband who did not love her at all after he Join Snow Leopard Group. Goses with the song Birdy made.


Claudia blondle hair girl and green eyes. Boyfriend is Casey.

Birdy blondle shrait hair girl with blue eyes.

Lily see OOC

Theo see OOC

Casey short brown hair boy and brown eyes. Girlfriend Claudia.

Jarrod see OCC

RJ see OOC.

Dai Shi see DSA


(N/A: This when they first met and in middle school. Not the same one from Aquamarine.)

Birdy and Lily were walking to bus stop, Lily told me earlier that we have a new student name Casey. Jarrod came running and walk with us. When we got ther Claudia was already walking to it with her friends.

Claudia said, "Hey Birdy with no family."

Lily said, "Don't make fun of my friend."

Claudia push down Lily, then she was about to hurt her Jarrod ran up and push her away and she fell in the mud. The new kid came up.

The new kid ask, "What happen here?"

Birdy awnser, "Claudia made fun of me, she push down Lily, and then Jarrod push her down into mud. Nice one Jarrod."

The new kid said, "My name is Casey Rodes. What are your names."

Birdy said and blushed, "I'm Birdy, over who is on the in the mud is Claudia(snicker), Lily is the blondle, Jarrod the one in the football jersery the head football player, Theo is jet black hair one Lily's boyfriend and thoses are Claudia friends who is standing around the mud."

Casey walk over to me and had blushed. "So Birdy if some time you want to date."

Lily whispered, "Do Birdy I think he has a crush on you."