This is a mini-fic, and a break off of the Bravespirit series. It focuses around a night, 1 moon before the events of Fire: Part 1, where Sunclaw has a conversation with Lightkit about Pantherkit.

Lightkit padded out of the nursery. Stupid Pantherkit...He thought to himself furiously. She always tried to be so motherly to him, and it had started to get annoying I don't give a mouse dung if she cares about me or not. I hate her more then Speedkit. Lightkit clawed at the ground. He padded to the edge of camp, where a log overlooking a large lake sat. He padded over to it and hopped up on it. Feeling the cool breeze against his fur always calmed him down for some reason.

"I'd thought I'd find you here." A voice from behind him said. Thinking it was Pantherkit, he spun around furiously.

"Will you just leave-Oh, hi Sunclaw. I thought you were Pantherkit." Lightkit stammered. Sunclaw dipped his head, his eyes seeming sad.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about." Sunclaw said, taking a place to the right of Lightkit. "Why do you hate her?"

"Because, she's always pretending like she's the most important cat, like she is my mother or something! She won't stop, no matter how many times I try to avoid her!" Lightkit meowed angrily. "I can't see how Orangekit or Speedkit or Hardkit can stand her! And she always has those violent fits, today she almost broke my paw!" Sunclaw blinked sadly, then sighed.

"It's not her fault." He whispered mournfully. Lightkit blinked in confusion, then growled.

"So your telling me she can't help being such a psychopath all the time?!" Lightkit blurted out. Sunclaw nodded.

"You see, a couple moons ago, she went through a...tramatic event. After it, it gave her a gene. The MAO-A gene." Sunclaw explained, looking up at the stars.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Lightkit demanded.

"The MAO-A gene is a rare condition, only one other cat has had it in all the years of TrailClan. It causes the cat who has it to have violent outbursts, rages, and no reaction to bloody or graphic events." Sunclaw explained. Lightkit's eyes widened. "She really cares about you, and she can't help it. She'd do anything to make sure you stay safe. Pantherkit tries to fight the gene the most when she's around you, but it takes so much out of her..."

"I feel so bad now...." Lightkit said softly, turning his head away. "Might as well send me to the Nether right now."

"It's okay. All you have to do is get along with her, and get closer to her." Sunclaw explained. He then got up, and padded back to the warriors den. Lightkit stayed at the log, watching the stars.