This is when the power cats first meet each other at the borders of the clans. Sunshinekit and Freezekit delvolep a crush on each other. Pain and his group our back.


Rootkit and Treekit were playing in EarthClan when she saw a butterfly flying by, so he followed it. She did not know she was leading outside of camp to meet the other power cats. She walk and saw the rushing waterful up a head.


Featherkit, Stormkit, and Freezekit were playing catch the ice ball. Freezekit saw a snow hare hopping by and followed it. He saw a she-cat at the rushing waterfall.

Rootkit mewed, "My name is Rootkit from EarthClan and you must be Freezekit from IceClan."

Freezekit nodded, "Yes I'm, remember when we first met."

Rootkit mewed, "Oh k that was funny I walk into the wrong camp when I was on a walk I was lost then I meet you and your siblings until my clan found me."